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Don't be bullied

A teenage girl sitting alone and looking upset, against a brick wall

If a friend tells you that they are being bullied or made to do something they do not want to, then do try and help them in whatever way you can because the worst thing is to feel alone with your problem. If it is you being harrassed you might start thinking things like this must be all might fault because it happening to me but don't think that. Think about telling your parents first.

You are NOT to blame

It can be very frightening when something you don't want to happen is happening. But it is all right to say loudly and firmly No - I don't want this and you MUST NOT DO IT. Do NOT think it is your fault - it is not. It is nothing that you have done which has made the person behave in this way, so don't put up with it. THEY CAN BE STOPPED and it is important for you to tell or they will go on and try it on someone else.

Remember - being harassed is not your fault