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A photograph of a man and a woman torn in half down the middle
How people behave with one another, whether they are nice or nasty to one another - changes all the time, as you will have discovered if you have a brother or sister. Sometimes you may be the best friends, other times you may be the worst enemies - that is the way life is. When parents get married they think and hope they are going to stay best friends for ever. But life is not always a fairy tale and in real life - parents may not always go on being best friends with one another for ever. But that doesn't mean it is always bad…here is what Jake who is 14 says about it:
"I was 13 when my parents split up. I don't remember feeling tremendously sad about it. They both seemed quite happy. Before my mum and dad separated I remember them arguing quite a lot, but after they separated they seem to get on much better and they don't appear to bear each other any grudge."
But the 'love' that parents have for one another is very different from the love that they have for their children so just because your parents may start quarrelling with one another and arguing all the time, does NOT mean that they do not love you.