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Where to get free condoms

Question in full: Where can i get free condoms?
Dear 13 year old girl who wants free condoms. There are lots of places you can get free condoms; your GP surgery, sexual health or family planning clinic, and some youth centres give them out. Some places will hand them out no questions asked, but some places will want you to register and maybe have an interview first. Nowhere should refuse you condoms because you are under 16, and if you are planning on having sex then condoms are absolutely the best contraception you could be using, as properly used they protect against pregnancy and most sexually transmitted infections. However, make sure you do feel ready for sex, and that you are not being pressurised into it by anyone else. Also bear in mind that if the person you have sex with is over 16 and you are under 16, then they are breaking the law, and they may not want to do that.