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What happens with shingles?

Question in full: i have the shingles and i would really like to know how long to they last for and what happiens when there gone
Poor you.Shingles is caused by the chicken pox virus. Once you have chicken pox the infection stays around and lives in nerves. It can then get reactivated any time (sometimes years later) then it causes a localised form of chickenpox. Shingles can be very painful especially in older people. The skin can be sore for a few weeks but the actual spots last about ten days and like chicken pox the rash is not infectious when the blistery spots have crusted over. What happens when the spots are gone is that most people don't have any further problems. The skin might look a bit different for a while but over time should get back to normal. However, you might have another recurrence. There is a drug which can help if taken early in the infection. Some people get pain in the area ( post hepatic neuralgia) which can be very severe, again this is more common the older you are. You should see your doctor if this happens.