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Red bumps after shaving

Question in full: I started shaving around 2 years ago but recently I've been noticing that I'm getting red bumps afterwards. I know they're ingrowing hairs but I was wondering how exactly do you get them away?
Dear Bumpy, As you say those red bumps are the hair follicles getting a bit irritated and may contain ingrowing hairs. If they are really bumpy and have pussy spots then they may be getting infected. This is very commonly with shaving. The best thing it to make sure that everything is clean when you shave to stop the infections and using an antiseptic mosturizer to rub into the skin after shaving. Depending on which bit of your body you are talking about some people find that waxing is better. You won't get ingrowing hairs if you don't shave so going hairy is another solution!