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Ready to have sex?

Question in full: i have been with my boyfriend for a couple of months, he is older than me, and is going to be 16 soon, he wants to have sex with me. A few of my close friends have had sex, but im not sure im ready and i don't know who to tell if im ready?
It’s really good to ask for advice as 13 would be very young to have sex. Most girls don’t have sex until they are at least 16. Sex is a big deal because it can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections if you don’t use contraception, so you have to sort that out and you have to feel emotionally ready to handle it. It’s very common to feel under pressure and you need to tell your boyfriend you want to take things slowly. If he walks away that will show the kind of boy he really is and you can find someone better. So many girls regret having sex before they’re ready, so don’t be one of them.