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My nose is always blocked

Question in full: My nose is always blocked. I've tried medicines, nasal spray and leaving it alone nothing works. I've had it for 4 months now please help me Dr Ann.
There are lots of different causes for a blocked nose, and a very common one is being allergic to something (for example, pollen, in people with hayfever). Sometimes, a blocked nose is caused by a previous injury, such as breaking your nose. And some people have growths in the nose called polyps, and these can block up your nose. So it’s a bit difficult to know what might be causing your blocked nose without knowing a bit more, and actually having a look at your nose. However, if an allergy is the problem, then there are lots of things to try, including sprays, drops and tablets (such as anti-histamines). I think the best thing to do is to see your family doctor, so they can work out what the problem is, and hear what exactly you have tried so far. They can then suggest some new treatments and, if these don’t work, you could even see a specialist doctor at your local hospital. I am sure this can be fixed, so don’t give up and go and see your doctor now. Good luck!

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