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Is it normal that i have hairy nipples?

Question in full: is it normal that i have hairy nipples?
Dear Person with Hairy Nipples..... We are mammals which means we are normally a bit hairy. Nearly all our skin is covered with hair ( except palms of our hands and soles of our feet). The hair is very thin in some places so it might not be obvious. Depending on how dark your skin is depends on the type of hair you have for instance asian skin can have more darker, noticable hair than paler skin. It is very common to get hair around your nipples but not normally actually on your nipples. When you get pubic hair then it can be a common place to have a few pubic ( thicker, darker hair) hairs even in girls. I am sure this is normal but if you have a lot of hair then it may be worth getting it checked out as it can occasionally be a sign of something funny with your hormones.