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I get drunk off a sip of an alcopop

Question in full: i am 14 nearly 15 and i get drunk off of a sip of an alcopop.. pls can you help me?
People think alcopops have less alcohol in them than other drinks. This is not the case. These days alcopops are often made from spirits such as vodka but they are sweetened to make the taste more acceptable for young people. Some alcopops can have 12% alcohol in them, which is the same as wine and stronger than beer or cider. A can may contain several units of alcohol, so it’s easy to get ‘tipsy’, or to start feeling a bit drunk, on a few sips. There are reasons why you need to be 18 to buy alcohol. If you really want to try it, avoid the alcopops, stick to lager and read the label so you understand how strong the drink is.