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I feel sad all the time

Question in full: I am sad all the time, I feel cut off from my friends and my family, I feel like nobody wants me, but worst of all the only way to make this feeling go away is to self harm. I just want to talk to someone but I don't know who. Please can you give me some advise on who to talk to and how I can get there attention.
Dear “I am sad all the time”. I am so sorry to hear this. Feeling low and isolated is actually very common, and everyone experiences times when they feel down. But many people suffer in silence, never telling anyone how they feel, so well done for asking for some help. This is a really important first step. Sometimes, when people become low, they harm themselves, for example by cutting themselves. When people get really low (or depressed – it’s the same thing), they can have suicidal thoughts. If you are having any of these kinds of thoughts, you really must go and see someone, such as your family doctor, right away. There are lots of things that can be done to help to make you feel better and stop you self-harming. The first thing is to let someone know how you are feeling. This could be your parents, your friends, your teacher, or your family doctor. Simply sharing your thoughts can often improve how you feel. If necessary, your doctor might make arrangements for you to see a counsellor, or a psychologist, who will talk to you about how you feel, and suggest ways of thinking more positively. There are also various ways to help stop your urge to self-harm. If you have been cutting your arms, one trick which may help is to put some elastic bands round your wrists. The next time you feel like self-harming, try pulling on the bands instead. It doesn’t work for everyone, but is worth a go. Most people find these kind of talking therapies (as we call them) very helpful. Your school might even be able to arrange for you to see someone, so it would be worth asking your teacher, if you feel comfortable with this. If not, you might feel more comfortable seeing your doctor, who can definitely help you. With the above help and support, most people start to feel better, although it may take a little while. You have made the really important first step of asking for help. Now you need to let someone know how you are feeling, and they can get you the help and support you need.