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I don't know where I stand with my mum.

Question in full: I don't know where I stand with my mum. She's happy with me one minute, then the next she's screaming at me. She's never sympathetic when I'm ill and I've been feeling depressed for a while but she just says I'll be fine. What do I do?
It sounds as though you and your mum need a good chat to sort things out. Your mum might not actually be mad with you at all, but she could be stressed with things like work and money and she might sometimes take it out on you. But it’s not fair on you and it’s making you unhappy so you need to talk to her. Tell her how you feel and ask her if you can help her with something because she seems stressed. Then she might share her problems as well and you’ll both understand each other’s viewpoint. There’s no doubt that your mum loves you loads and she wouldn’t want you to be unhappy.