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Hair on my lower legs

Question in full: I have a lot of hair on my lower leg and it make me quite self conscious wen wearing shorts n skirts which I wear often. I wld like to shave my legs but my mum won't let me as she says it leaves stubble. I tried an epilator but it was really painful! What are my other options????
Dear Hairy, there are many ways to get rid of hair.. BUT.. once you've started it is difficult to stop that's why mums often try to persuade their girls not to get started when they are young. Most girls do in the end though. If you feel very self conscious then it may be something you would really like to try. Waxing and epilator is painful but lasts a bit longer than shaving and the hairs may not be so stubbly when they grow back. Bleaching the hair is an option if the hair is dark depending on your skin colour. All of these can cause skin rashes and infection (folliculitis) and the hair will keep growing back. So before you start really think: Are you ready for a life time of dealing with you legs? Does your mum get rid of the hairs on her legs? It is worth talking to her for advice and explaining how you feel. I am sure she will help.