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Can you get sick from panadol?

Question in full: Can you get sick from an allergy to panadol?
Dear 'Can you get sick from an allergy to panadol' - whether you want to call it an 'allergy' or not - some people do definitely get sick from taking panadol. It is interesting that all those 'over the counter remedies' that you can get from the chemist have different effects on different people. Ibrobrufen makes some people as sick as a dog whilst other find that it is very effective at relieving their aches and pains. The same is true of panadol and asparin. It is a very good idea to try out these various 'everyday over the counter' medicines to see which suits you best and that you find most effective and then avoid anything medicines which do NOT suit you or do not seem to work or that make you sick.

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