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Combined pill

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How it works

It's got two hormones in it, called oestrogen and progestogen. They stop the egg in a woman from being released. You have to get it from the GP or family planning clinic.

The 'oops' factor

It is very reliable - only 0.1% 'oops' factor. That is as long as you remember to pop one every day.


  • It's free as long as you get it from the doctor or clinic
  • No messing around when it comes to the big moment.
  • Lighter, more regular periods. Less cramps.
  • It reduces risk of some cancers in ovary, colon and uterus when you're older.
  • Some combined pills get rid of zits.
  • it is very good at stopping you getting pregnant


  • You have to remember to take it regularly whether you're going to have sex or not.
  • No protection against AIDS, chlamydia, herpes etc.
  • Some women don't like taking hormones.
  • A few women get headaches, get fatter and feel fed up.
  • Risk of blood clots, strokes and heart attacks increases although overall risk is still very small.
  • Very small risk of breast cancer (disappears 10 years after you come off it) and cervical cancer.
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This is also known as just the pill