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Illustration of the Female external genitalia with the clitoris labelled.
Illustration of the female external genitalia (vulva)
In front of the urethra (pee tube) the girl has a clitoris. This is the female equivalent of a man's penis - the clitoris is there to give a girl pleasure like the glans of a man's penis does for him! Like penises, clitorises come in different shapes and sizes, anything from a couple of millimetres long to an inch or more. Only the front half inch or so of the clitoris is uncovered when the small hood of skin that normally covers it is pulled back. When a woman's clitoris is excited it becomes full of blood and hardens up, rather like a man's penis, but is still pretty small (although again, the actual size varies a lot from woman to woman). The clitoris is an incredibly sensitive organ which is full of nerve endings - which in some women makes it too sensitive to directly touch. During sex, the penis pushes on the inner folds (labia) and these in turn stimulate the woman's clitoris.