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Cellulite is the uneven appearance of your skin with dimpling. Some people call it ‘orange peel’ or ‘cottage cheese’ skin. It occurs mainly in girls and women over their bottom, thighs and tummy. The good news is that it tends not to occur before puberty, the bad news is that it is really common after puberty occurring in around eight out of ten older girls and women. It is not really considered to be a medical condition as such but just something which occurs naturally.

What causes it?

It happens when fat gets into the connective tissue of your skin and causes unevenness of its surface. There seem to be many different factors involved - like dieting too much, hormones, and there is even an inherited factor (e.g. in your genes).

Is there a treatment?

Lots of girls and women do not like having cellulite and as a result large sums of money are made by cosmetic companies and others claiming to have a treatment for cellulite. There is however, no known cure for cellulite at the moment but it is not something to worry about as it is so normal.