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Cap / Diaphragm

A diaphragm within a pink case

How it Works

You pop a rubber 'cap' popped into your vagina before sex. It sits covering the entrance to your cervix and it stops a man's sperm swimming any further up than your vagina - so they do not get to fertilize the girls egg. You get it fitted at your GP or family planning clinic.

The 'oops' factor

Can be pretty good, as long as you always remember to use spermicide. 6% oops factor and up to 9% oops factor in younger women.


  • Easy as putting a tampon in.
  • No messing with hormones.


  • You need to use a spermicide (sperm-killing stuff) with it, which can be messy.
  • Got to keep it in there 6 hours after sex.
  • You have to see a doctor or nurse first to get make sure that you have one that fits.
  • You have to think about putting it in before having sex.
  • If you add / lose more than 10 lbs, you need to get a new one fitted.