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Cannabis: what are the benefits?

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Remember: this drug is illegal!

Did you know?

  • There do appear to be some medical uses for cannabis, like decreasing the feelings of sickness when using very toxic anti-cancer drugs.
  • If you use cannabis irregularly, unlike tobacco, it does not appear to be very addictive.
  • It makes you feel different, rather detached and lazy, with a what appears to you to be a heightening of the senses - smell, taste etc.
  • If you were feeling good before you had the cannabis then it tends to make you feel even better.
  • People tend to only smoke the odd spliff and give up after the age of about 24, so that overall you are much less likely to get cancer from smoking spliffs than if you spend a lifetime smoking tobacco.
  • Many people die as a result of using alcohol and cigarettes, few die because they use cannabis, because most people stop using it early on.
  • Smoking cannabis doesn't make people violent in the way that alcohol seems to.

Fibres of the plant, called hemp, are used to make ropes, clothes, cooking oil and cosmetics.