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Labelled cross section of a breast
Illustration of a breast.
Breasts have lots of slang names and are also known as boobs, tits or jugs amongst many other words. Every girl's breasts are like their fingerprints - never the same as anyone else's, which is also true of the size and colour of their nipples. What appears as breasts on models in films, underwear adverts, magazines, music videos, etc, have frequently been taped, surgically enhanced or reduced, digitally altered, pushed up, pushed down, pushed out, pushed in - all in the name of artificial perfection. So don't be taken in. Normal, healthy, real breasts come in all shapes and sizes, just like people as a whole. You have breasts in order to feed your babies when they are born (if you choose to have babies that is). They are also important to some women when having sex as stroking or squeezing them can make them feel sexually turned on. Some women like to wear clothes that show off their feminine curves, including their breasts, as it makes them feel good about themselves. They do also very much attract the attention of boys. Boys vary when asked what size of breast they like best on girls. Some like large breasts. Some like medium breasts. Some like small breasts. Most of all they like the whole girl who has the breasts. It is her personality and how she is as a whole that matters. Don't tell me that you would choose a boy just from the size and shape of his willie!!!!!
No two breasts are exactly the same - each is unique.