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Body Odour

A teenage boy with his aim raised sniffing his armpit.
Your body smells - it is just a fact. It can smell nice and it can smell nasty. Sometimes it just depends on who is smelling you! It is a well known fact that when you fall in love with someone that person smells delicious. When you fall out of love - they smell disgusting. Such is life! Natural body odour is unique to you and is influenced by your diet, your lifestyle, your sex, your genes, your health and any medication that you may be taking. Most of your smell is due to the breakdown on your skin of various amino acids produced by bacteria on your skin which thrive in your sebaceous (fat) glands of your skin. Whatever - you smell is unique to you which is why dogs and other animals can be used to track you down. Body odour can be reduced or prevented by using soap, deodorants, antiperspirants. Your body odour is commonly associated with how much and how often you wash but will also be affected by what you eat and other factors which are outlined above. Basically having a bath or shower and washing all over once a day is a good idea, as is having a shower after you have taken some form of physical exercise.