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Bad Breath

A teenage boy looking embarrassed with a hand covering his mouth.
O.K - you do have to watch out as it can affect anyone of any age. Bad breath is also called 'Halitosis' and almost everyone gets is at some point in their lives. It is particularly common if you are ill. The worst news is that about half of all people will suffer from persistent bad breath. What causes it is mostly the bacteria (little bugs) in your mouth which are munching away on any of the left overs of what you have eaten recently. Bad smelling breath can also be a sign of gum diseases. How your breath smells can also be influenced by what you eat - garlic, onions come out badly. As for smoking - that is absolutely the WORST for making your breath smell foul. Brushing your teeth and your gums regularly will usually stop that foul smell in its tracks. Regular visits to the dentist - to have your teeth checked and the food stuff removed from between your teeth - definitely helps. People will find it quite difficult telling you that your breath smells foul but what you can do as a test is to lick the inside of your wrist and then wait for your spit to dry. Then sniff your dried up lick and if it smells disgusting then your breath will be smelling disgusting too!