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Are people telling you you're anorexic?

A teenage girl talking to a woman in a friendly counsellors office.

If people are telling you that you're anorexic:

  • Listen to them before you just say "No - not true!"
  • If it might be true, try and admit to yourself what's really happening.
  • Don't blame yourself for this problem - it's an illness, which can be treated.
  • See a doctor or nurse as soon as possible - the earlier you admit there is something wrong, the sooner you will get better and the easier the problem is to treat.
  • As you recover, people will tell you that you look better. Believe them.
  • Getting treatment for anorexia will make you will feel less tired, and your body will work better. You'll be able to concentrate again and be able keep at your schoolwork. And best of all - you won't have to be worried about your weight all the time.

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