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An abortion is when a pregnancy ends spontaneously (just by itself) or is deliberately ended because the person does not want to be pregnant. The most important fact is that: nobody, absolutely nobody likes having an abortion, and many abortions are avoidable by using the emergency contraceptive pill within 72 hours of having unprotected sexual intercourse. Not using emergency contraception if you are worried that you could be pregnant, is 'burying your head in the sand' and hoping for the best. If you think that you might be pregnant and do not want to be pregnant then get down to your family doctor, or any other family doctor, or your local family planning clinic or your local emergency room NOW and get yourself the 'emergency contraceptive pill'. About half of girls under the age of 18 who get pregnant decide to have an abortion, BUT BUT BUT it is therefore much better to make sure that you do not get pregnant in the first place.